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File: Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech06-23-10
I am using latest version of DXE an...
Posted By: Nthre
I am using latest version of DXE and this addon. But on lich king encounter (10m hc) is some problem with shadow traps. It doesn announce it, but when we wipe (jump down) and he cast shadow trap its working.
File: Tidy Plates05-02-10
Posted By: Nthre
Archive empty :confused:
File: CLC DK04-09-10
Posted By: Nthre
Is there any lua options to change scale?
File: Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech03-23-10
Soul reaper
Posted By: Nthre
Realy nice addon, its realy usefull. On LK encounter, it was working great with soulreaper, but somethink changed and it isnt play sound for it anymore. Anybody knows what happend? (I am using DXE, but i think that i dont changed anythink since last time)
File: LoggerHead09-28-09
Posted By: Nthre
Please, How do I configure support for the trial of the grand crusader (HC)?