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File: LUI v309-30-09
Originally posted by Pewpewdotz I...
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Originally posted by Pewpewdotz Ive asked this same question a few times w/ no luck so far. Ill try it again loll. Have u figured out how to show the frame title in the recount box? I cannot seem to get recount to show the name of data that is shown, example-damage done, DPS, overhealing, dispels... I think he's prolly got the op...
File: LUI v309-29-09
Updating with curse
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Awesome job Loui....really sets a standard for excellence... However you did mention that updating as 'normal' via curse wouldn't affect the UI. Well when i did exactly that, for some reason all the fonts you used in pitbull were gone and replaced with the default fonts, the nice clean grey frames around the target buffs and debuf...