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File: MayronUI Gen510-01-12
Re: Voice Chat Interface / Target windows
Posted By: Tyrannius
#2 - The target window is now in the center of my health bars and where the target should be. I believe that's the target's target location, but somehow it has become my target and i cannot see health, mana, buffs/debuffs, any of that. I remember this working properly when I first installed, so its recent. Please let me know how to c...
File: MayronUI Gen508-07-12
I was just curious about how i go t...
Posted By: Tyrannius
I was just curious about how i go to turn off the auto repair function. I would rather use my guilds gold than my own :) Thanks! That should be controlled with Leatrix Plus. Type "/ltp" in-game and go to the Automations page. There you should find the option your looking for. I was having the same issue, i turned off the set...