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File: MayronUI Gen506-20-13
Re: Re: Re: suggestion
Posted By: Grumpyrowley
All the time I try to change a talent, it says there is a taint with KGPanels, to solve this I need to disable the addon which seems to take forever even though I got a decent machine with Addon control panel. Please fix or give me a fix for it thanks I have a similar issue but it is always with a random addon. I usually get...
File: MayronUI Gen502-25-13
Hey Mayron, Your UI is absolutel...
Posted By: Grumpyrowley
Hey Mayron, Your UI is absolutely superb. However, I'm tearing my hair out trying to work out how to turn on neutral health bars for tidy plates. From what I can tell the settings seem to indicate that they're meant to be on but alas I can't get them show at all. :( Any help? Am I being completely dumb or is this some kind of b...
File: MayronUI Gen502-01-13
I have been using your UI for a whi...
Posted By: Grumpyrowley
I have been using your UI for a while now and I love the new Threat Plates, please don't go changing them any time soon. Kudos on a great UI
File: MayronUI Gen511-05-12
Re: Re: Vehicle elements
Posted By: Grumpyrowley
First of all, I just want to say your UI rocks! The only thing that bothers me is the way all of my bars disappear when getting into any vehicle. You did fix the bug where bars would not reappear, and that's definitely appreciated. I'm just curious what settings I need to change so that only Bar 1 becomes the vehilce bar, and none...
File: MayronUI Gen509-04-12
Just turning off grid and won't use...
Posted By: Grumpyrowley
Just turning off grid and won't use the 2 side bars :) got enough room for skills atm... don't want it using 8mb in pvp lol. Is it possible to change the time on the minimap to local and maybe resize the minimap? The combat timer at the bottom just shows 00:00:00 for me as well. apart from that, it's all good :) To change t...
File: MayronUI Gen508-16-12
Broker Bar
Posted By: Grumpyrowley
Hi there, thanks for a great ui. I'm sure there is a simple fix but I'm unable to find it, is there a way to stop the text on the broker bar from popping up when I'm in combat. As a clicker for the most part I keep opening various windows instead casting. Thanks in advance Peter