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File: QuestHelper10-05-09
QH broke
Posted By: shadriel
seems to work fine with all my alliance toons, but whenever i load up my horde BE hunter i get the message: Questhelper has broken. You may have to restart WoW. restarting does not fix the problem. only differences i can think of for this toon versus my allied toons (besides the obvious faction :P ) is that my horde one is 80 and...
File: Auctionator05-29-08
would it be possible to add an on/o...
Posted By: shadriel
would it be possible to add an on/off checkbox option to disable auctionator's automatic price entering feature? i've been using a mod for a couple years that remembers the prices on all my auctions and enters them for me, while i love how this program automatically searches so i can check prices - there are alot of items that i alw...
File: Auctionator05-21-08
awesome thx :D
Posted By: shadriel
awesome thx :D
File: Auctionator05-20-08
AH Quicksearch is apparently not co...
Posted By: shadriel
AH Quicksearch is apparently not compatible with Auctionator... quicksearch mod will overwrite auctionator and not allow auctionator to display in game. i like quicksearch for... well quick searches :P but i'd have to say that my AH mule will be finding auctionator here far more useful, so i guess i'll just have to deal with not ha...
File: Fishing Buddy04-03-07
Re: Info Bar
Posted By: shadriel
Originally posted by rogue42270 Which info bar addon do you need for fishing buddy infobar? i would like to know that myself o.O
File: Recipe Radar04-03-07
move the button?
Posted By: shadriel
is there any way to move the reciperadar minimap button? i've tried everything i can think of and its still stuck in place on the bottom right :( i use all the available game UI bars for buttons and they cover up the icon where its sitting now :( and i can't move those, they are part of the default UI :( PS. I get weird problem...
File: Cartographer01-17-07
saving the old notes...
Posted By: shadriel
i've been trying to figure out which file all of your notes are kept in, you know like a customized marker to show where a particular quest mob was on the map in un'goru crater, or all of your mining nodes and herb sites.... which file is the one that all of these are saved in? and how would i go about transferring that info into a...
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic07-02-06
any chance you could add a feature...
Posted By: shadriel
any chance you could add a feature to designate a particular food type for the pet to eat? the feature that has it select smaller stacks is kinda irking me... those smaller stacks are frequently items i am trying to farm, and i carry a stack or two of food specifically for my pet, that i want it to be eating. often the item i am wo...