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Error when Trying to Account Share
Posted By: Kittra
Hi I just submitted a Bug report through the bug report page but cant find any information at all - no copy or response on bug report page or copy in my account messages - so not sure it got through - new at reporting bugs - sorry I did a clean install yesterday and deleted all the old files it said to. i got all my toons info upd...
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Thank you very much
Posted By: Kittra
- This is number 1 add-on for me - I really missed it - Thank you again - now to DL and try it out :)
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Re: Re: Altoholic error
Posted By: Kittra
Originally posted by Thaoky I spotted a tiny refresh issue, but if you select your guild bank again through the drop down menu, the amount is refreshed. I'll check the Mr Chilly thing. Thank you the money is fixed this morning. Thank you for checking on Chilly. :) Kittra
File: Altoholic01-28-10
Altoholic error
Posted By: Kittra
I just downloaded and installed the 3.3.001d and it fixed the Alt changing but now the money in the Guild does not show up - even after I went and checked the Guild - it still says 0. Is there something I am missing to get the money updated? I even added some money to guild thinking that would help - it did not. Also I own the M...