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File: Derevka UI12-10-11
One more question
Posted By: deegenerate
Can I ask how you utilize Healbot along with Clique and Grid? I noticed it was not in any of the screenshots.
File: Derevka UI12-09-11
Jewel thingy by chat
Posted By: deegenerate
What is the green jewel looking thing beside your chat? Also how to you get the hidden shift dps bar to work? Great UI. It keeps getting better and better.
File: Derevka UI01-30-11
Tip Tac and Tooltip window
Posted By: deegenerate
What is the addon that shows the tooltip up on the FuBar? It is hard for me to read so I wanted to increase the font size and maybe the color, but I can not find where to do it. Love the UI. Thank you for posting it.