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File: Intrepid UI - kgPanels Art01-23-12
Re: Amazing!!!
Posted By: darkiran
Looking at the screenshot this looks brilliant! The border you're using in particular looks great. I'm at work just now so can't download your set right now but I'm desperate to ask... is the border included in your download? Thanks, Hugh. Yes, those silver borders around the bottom windows are part of the art pack.
File: Intrepid UI - kgPanels Art11-30-11
Feedback greatly appreciated
Posted By: darkiran
As i'm still in the development stage of this being an actual compilation, I'd love honest feedback on the setup. I wouldn't mind adding more graphics to it, but I'm not sure where to go next.
File: LUI v310-04-10
4.0.1 PTR
Posted By: darkiran
It appears the new patch will be launching very soon. 10/5 or 10/12 How's progress coming along?
File: oUF Aion UI10-08-09
UI Skinning
Posted By: darkiran
Hello, Love this compilation, it's very sleak and most importantly does not require a manual to figure out how to use it or to move things around. What I was wondering is if there was a way to change the theme here. It's very gold and feels Holy. What I want to do is use the functionality of this compilation and put a more...