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File: IgnoreMore07-29-06
I still use Forgotten Chat, would l...
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I still use Forgotten Chat, would love to see support for this :) http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=4403
File: IgnoreMore07-20-06
Re: Nice
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Originally posted by Gryphon How about adding expiration time? Finally something to save my sanity from ExtendedIgnore, going through a big list with only slash commands was hell.
File: devnull07-03-06
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Originally posted by Zalkalin When I came up with the name, I figured it was so obvious that someone must have used it. But a search on Curse and WoWi turned up nothing, so I used it. I'll stay with it, at least for now. http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=714 been out for awhile now :) i'm not against reusing a name but it...
File: FuBar 3.6.505-31-06
Re: Re: help - Info about time played when logging in
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Originally posted by jpupz Umm, unless I understood you wrong, that has nothing to do with FuBar. "/played" displays the same info. Some fubar plugins make a call to /played for info. This could be set to be hidden but that would probably result in you never being able to get any visible reply from /played. :P Helpful sugge...
File: FuBar 3.6.505-03-06
Originally posted by ckknight If...
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Originally posted by ckknight If you're having trouble with SEAura, you should be complaining to Tekkub, not to me. i'm not having trouble with seaura, it no longer exists in my addons as far as I can tell unless it's part of Metrognome. the issue with seaura only exists with a version of fubar that works for me which i ment...
File: KeepItCool (Discontinued)05-02-06
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you rock!! fubar support for one of the most requested features on the plugin request page =D spamming this on the fubar request page. :)
File: FuBar 3.6.505-02-06
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still loving the progress on this, but personally i'm unable to use any release since 1.1.1182. ace is showing fubar and plugins are loaded but nothing is showing up. even after backing up and removing all of my saved vars and starting from scratch, with no other mods enabled but fubar and starter pack and obviously ace. using an e...
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu04-28-06
Originally posted by Boss Problem...
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Originally posted by Boss Problems should be fixed now seems to be so :) gj again boss
File: FuBar 3.6.504-28-06
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Interface\AddOns\FuBar\FuBarPlugin.lua:72:FuBar_SEAura - You do not have a fuCompatible number, cannot load without one. looks like i'm the lucky one, fu works fine, gonna remove this load from the plugin.lua manually until this is resolved :)
File: FuBar - RestFu04-27-06
"Keeps track of your top hits, heal...
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"Keeps track of your top hits, heals, criticals, etc." ?? lol copy + paste, while also updating topscore = FTW :)
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu04-27-06
Re: Total button not working
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Originally posted by Tupsi when i hit the anvil symbol in the total row i dont get "both" repaired, in fact i get non, the window closes but nothing is repaired. I have to reclick the vendor and select the icon in the equipment row in order to get stuff repaired. same issue here, sometimes inventory is repaired, sometimes nothi...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu04-12-06
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worked fine in 1.10 with the last version released before bosspanel became fubar (yuk) when 1.10.1 came out it crashes again for no reason on any character. udated to fubar (yuk...) and the most recent quest release and it's still locking up, so back to monkey quest again until the next release myseriously starts working. thanks ag...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu03-31-06
working fine for me now, tho it doe...
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working fine for me now, tho it doesn't list quest items and mobs in their tooltips, not sure if this feature is even enabled yet or just a placeholder in the menu for when you complete it. also had to hack the font a lil bit :P default is huge lol. only other thing I can think of is the part where it only stays open for about 4...
File: FuBar - FarmerFu03-29-06
Originally posted by Aileen Make...
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Originally posted by Aileen Make sure you have Special Events installed, there is a link to it in the AddOn description. It may not be showing up because it's missing the required dependency. Patch 1.10 adds issues to using the Special Events addon due to it's movement based functions. To resolve this and only use the bag fun...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu03-29-06
For some reason whenever I load thi...
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For some reason whenever I load this mod WoW locks up on loading zonein. Disabled the mod and it loads fine. :( Guess I'm still using MQ until there's a new version released so i can check again or blizzard releases some patch that resolves the issue. Looks good as far as I can see tho. Good job. :)