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File: ShieldBars09-16-11
Re: Move the bars?
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Originally posted by kaalil Am I being an idiot, or is there no way to move the bars? I've gone into the options and unchecked 'click through' and 'lock' but I still can't move them. I'm not ruling out some weird addon behavior on my end since I do have a lot of addons, but it's unclear whether this is supposed to work or not....
File: ForteXorcist12-21-10
spell bars
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fixed my issue with a clone...but one last question...is there a way to show stacks on spell.on the spelltimer bar.would be handy to be able to see how many charges of fingers of frost i have.
File: LUI v310-18-10
lui is the best UI i have found so...
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lui is the best UI i have found so far.some people on here are impatient to wait for an update.for one he does this because he wants to,if u dont like it there are other UI out there.most of us would rather wait for a finished LUI with no bugs.the others that have come out.TUKUI for example have been released asap.but they were relea...
File: LUI v310-15-10
take your time loui.myself and im s...
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take your time loui.myself and im sure most of the people on here would rather have a stable ui(wich LUI has been since i started using it since v3.25 came out)than a buggy mess that needs constant updates.ive gone to tukui untill you get yours working they way you want:cool:
File: LUI v310-11-10
i would rather wait patiently and g...
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i would rather wait patiently and get a working setup.rather than rush u and get a buggy mess.take your time :D
File: ForteXorcist07-19-10
i was wondering if there is a way t...
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i was wondering if there is a way to organize the timer bars in any order i want...for example i would like my scorch timer on bottom living bomb above that and then my hotstreak proc above that. but instead it shows the hotstreak on bottom and scorch on top.
File: nUI: Config [GUI]06-25-10
came across and error i narrowed do...
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came across and error i narrowed down to this addon.when u have recount omen and the dualstats pluggin running by themselfs they work fine.but when i enable the gui pluggin it caused and error with recount and omen on dual stats to either show both recount and omen overlaping or on diff panels and in odd places.i like this addon,but...