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File: Ion Action Bars07-01-10
Macaroon causing fps drops in combat
Posted By: sjrv
Since 3.3.5 patch, every combat seemed to heavily affect my fps (dropping from over 30 to less than 5 fps in 10-man Patchwerk fight, 8 fps in FoS and so on). I tried turning off my addons one by one and it came out that Macaroon is the troublemaker here. The thing is - I just find Bartender and other action bar addons too simple a...
File: Ludwig10-13-09
How should the code be modified (or...
Posted By: sjrv
How should the code be modified (or used), to retrieve the item link using only the id? I'd like to use it in script like that: /run local a=FunctionToGetTheInfo(44444); print(a); And print(a) should print the link to Dark Nerubian Chestpiece. Seems to be simple to do, but I think it's still missing something.