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File: Rune Pack09-25-10
The imporant feature request I have...
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The imporant feature request I have for Cataclysm is for the ability to rearrange the rune pack. The current rune arrangement of RunePack is perfect in Wrath; I don't think there's a better one. However, in Cataclysm, different sets will use different rune pairings for their usual 2-rune strike. I'm sure you already know about this,...
File: EventHorizon Continued11-11-09
I second the motion for another lin...
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I second the motion for another line going across the whole addon for cast finishes, like the gcd line. Just an update from the PTR so far: haste scaling was removed from SW:P altogether, and the tick intervals and durations of Devouring Plague and VT are modified by haste following the hasted duration = Duration of the dot / (...
File: EventHorizon Continued10-18-09
Re: Re: 3.3 haste changes
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Originally posted by Taroven The more information you lovely Shadow Priests can give me, the faster the change goes through. Thanks for the fast reply! As soon as I see concrete numbers I'll pass along the information.
File: EventHorizon Continued10-17-09
3.3 haste changes
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Not sure if you saw, but on the 3.3 PTR apparently Shadowform allows DoTs to scale with haste (reduces duration b/t each tick, and thus overall duration). Although this will probably end up being pretty easy to code, just changing bar lengths and tick spacing by haste*(whatever dot multiplier), I realize that the theorycraft behind t...