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File: tullaCC05-12-11
Showing on some but not others
Posted By: ashpash
I use Dominos and Tulla seems to show on some bars but not others, is this intended? OmniCC shows on all of them but I like the skinned down version on my old computer. Thanks
File: Raven04-17-11
Re: Re: Love it!
Posted By: ashpash
Originally posted by Tojaso I have been recommending TotemTimers for years but I was unaware of performance issues (my shaman gets very little playtime these days). I will look at this again then and see about expanding totem support. Yeah I love Totemtimers but it doesn't seem to play nice with my older computer so I've had to...
File: Raven04-17-11
Love it!
Posted By: ashpash
Hi there, I've been using SBF for a long time when I came across your addon, so far I absolutely love it! I have one minor request though...is it possible, like SBF was able to, have a separate bunch of icons just to show my totems? I have one set up just to the right of my character so I can keep track of how long I have to go and t...
File: Dominos02-26-11
Timer on totem bar?
Posted By: ashpash
I love this addon but was wondering of its possible to get timers to show on the totem bar. I tried OmniCC but no go. Looks great but I have to use another addon to do this when yours would be great with this feature
File: shNameplates01-16-11
Wow, fast reply, I'll keep checking...
Posted By: ashpash
Wow, fast reply, I'll keep checking and thanks very much :)
File: shNameplates01-15-11
Posted By: ashpash
So far I am loving this. I've been looking at the code and cant find what I'm looking for. When I target something the other nameplates are toned down (alpha) and I wanted to turn this even lower so they are almost not seen but enough to make them out. Could you point me in the right direction if there is one please?
File: TinyDPS08-25-10
Love this addon and wanted to ask a...
Posted By: ashpash
Love this addon and wanted to ask a question. Is is possible to sort by order of dps rather than damage done at all? No so much interested in the damage being done as the dps of the raid. Thanks
File: WhisperBroker10-19-09
Solid Background
Posted By: ashpash
I love this addon, one question though, is there a way to make the popup background solid? I have it on the bottom of my screen and it pops up over my buttons making it a little difficult to read. :)