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File: Broker_Everything (MoP Beta)07-16-12
Error attempt to call global in guild.lua
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2x Broker_Everything-5.0.2\modules\guild-Guild.lua:89: attempt to call global "TextStatusBar_CapDisplayOfNumericValue" (a nil value) Broker_Everything-5.0.2\modules\guild-Guild.lua:89: in function Broker_Everything-5.0.2\modules\guild-Guild.lua:182: in function
File: Super Duper Macro12-05-11
As per the error experienced by Kur...
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As per the error experienced by Kuroyi below, I too had the same problem :- Message: ...AddOns\SuperDuperMacro\SuperDuperMacro_Interface.lua line 430: attempt to index field 'icon' (a number value) ... Furthermore, as per Hypehuman, I relogged and the error went away...
File: Super Duper Macro11-30-11
Re: 4.3-ready!
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I am seeing the following (copied from Bugrabber) on logging in:- 2x SuperDuperMacro_Interface.lua:1003: attempt to index global "sdm_eventFrame" (a nil value) SuperDuperMacro_Interface.lua:1003: in main chunk Locals:
File: Wow UI Backup 1.912-20-09
Originally posted by aquanda I ha...
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Originally posted by aquanda I have WinRAR v3.70 using Vista 64 and this mod will not recognize it, and keeps sending me to WinRAR's website. If I am reading your problem correctly, then this is possibly because your World of Warcraft folder may not be located in c:\Program Files. Mine is actually in C:\Public. You will need t...