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File: HealBot Continued05-24-11
Holy Power
Posted By: The Brain
I have an issue where my holy power indicators keep disappearing. Before, it used to only happen when I log in, but now it seems to happen when I zone into a dungeon as well. One "fix" that I found works is if I use the command "/hb pcs 7", and that restores the holy power indicators until the next time they disappear. Also, it th...
File: Ion Action Bars04-27-11
Originally posted by Jalandar I d...
Posted By: The Brain
Originally posted by Jalandar I dont know about you, but its throwing lua errors for me, though they seem to mostly be from the macaroon addon mods. Shot my framerate down to crap, until I disabled macaroon altogether. What's the exact error message it's throwing up? I run a lot of addons and Macaroon is one of the few that wo...
File: CombustionHelper02-20-11
Posted By: The Brain
Hi, I'm confused by the fade timer settings. What I want it to do is autohide out of combat, but instantly pop in when combat starts. Fading out isn't as crucial. I'm just not sure what the terms "Timer Pre Fade" and such mean. Thanks!
File: X-Perl UnitFrames02-14-11
Ever since 4.0.6 I believe, every n...
Posted By: The Brain
Ever since 4.0.6 I believe, every now and then, when I zone in somewhere, Blizzard's default player frame appears underneath Xperl's player frame. Fortunately, it doesn't necessarily get in the way of Xperl's functionality, but it's still a visually annoying bug.
File: Prayer of Mending Tracker (PoMTracker)02-09-11
Ever since 4.0.6, the bounce countd...
Posted By: The Brain
Ever since 4.0.6, the bounce countdown has been unreliable, sometimes not counting down at all. It still keeps track of the current target, but it's a craps shoot guessing how many bounces it's done and whether I need to get ready to recast it. Failure to fade when out of combat when no target is left is also a current bug, but th...
File: Ion: Alerts10-25-10
Does Macaroon:Alerts only control t...
Posted By: The Brain
Does Macaroon:Alerts only control the loot frame and dungeon completion frame? I'm also having the problem of no loot frames popping up (and thus missing out on everything), so I was wondering if disabling the addon will simply allow the default Blizzard frames to show as normal.
File: Ion Action Bars07-07-10
Dual Spec
Posted By: The Brain
I've had this issue for a while, but it's bothering me again as I am redoing the bars and many of my characters. The Dual Spec checkbox on the bar properties: does leaving it unchecked mean that it's supposed to not change when switching specs? I ask this because that doesn't seem to be the case on many of my bars. Switching specs...
File: Ion Action Bars06-25-10
New Chat Window
Posted By: The Brain
I have an issue that I'm not sure is Macaroon related, but here goes: Before Patch 3.3.5, I had 2 rows of buttons in the lower left corner with a pet bar that comes and goes depending if I had a pet out (much like the default Blizzard bar behavior). My chat window sits right above the 2 permanent rows, occupying the space where th...
File: Ion Action Bars06-08-10
Stored Buttons
Posted By: The Brain
Couldn't find any place that had in-depth info on the Stored Buttons feature, so I'm asking here. What is the purpose of Stored Buttons? What's the purpose of the Lock Rows checkbox? Can the Stored Buttons be global across characters, because they seem to be saved on a per character basis. I've used Macaroon almost since it was...
File: NPCScan05-05-10
Awesome add-on. Literally got an ac...
Posted By: The Brain
Awesome add-on. Literally got an achievement within 5 mins of installing and flying around. And even then I couldn't find it for like a minute until I realized there was a 3D portrait of it, and it was one of those burrowing worms that I could barely aggro because of my level. One feature I would like added is when the add-on outp...
File: Tidy Plates: Knurl Theme (With PVP Class Icons)04-29-10
Is there a way to code in reducing...
Posted By: The Brain
Is there a way to code in reducing the scale of the bars for pets/minions/army of the undead? This is my favorite theme so far, so this would be icing on the cake.
File: Ion Action Bars11-18-09
Posted By: The Brain
I can't think of anything to add the Macaroon feature-wise. It does what it does well. The only things that needs addressing are a couple bugs I've come across. The big one is that unchecking Dual-Spec on the bar options doesn't always work, ie: I want certain bars to remain the same in both specs. The other bug is when the bar...
File: QuestHelper10-21-09
The Logo
Posted By: The Brain
I prefer the old graphics compared to the new logo. It was smaller and less obtrusive, which is what I want when I minimize things. If you insist on a logo, maybe put in an option to select a logo size (ie: 16x16, 32x32, etc). On another note, I place the quest tracker on the right side, which causes the list to align on the right...