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File: bdMinimap10-18-10
nice and clean addon! though im ha...
Posted By: solvent
nice and clean addon! though im having 2 problems: the clock (which is activated) only shows up when i move the cursor to the upper right of the map, and the tracking button doesnt hide properly. maybe a bug someone else experiences too, or is it one of my addons interfering?
File: TotemTimers09-21-10
yes, having an option to disable th...
Posted By: solvent
yes, having an option to disable the text on the cooldown buttons would be nice, it interferes with omnicc/tukui cd timer :) also, when using elemental cooldowns, i try to disable the flameshock timer - it doesnt disappear, even in the latest build; it unexpectedly only disables the flame nova cooldown button.
File: ForteXorcist04-16-10
id so much love to see the cloning-...
Posted By: solvent
id so much love to see the cloning-function in, would replace some other mods im trying to get rid off and clean my ui alot. any ETA on this? :>
File: AzCastBar10-22-09
2 suggestions: splitting the pla...
Posted By: solvent
2 suggestions: splitting the player aura module in 2 seperate ones (or seperate them anyhow), like one for buffs, the other one for debuffs (which would be awesome, as it could replace any other auramod) 2nd one would be the, as i can see from quickly overlooking - often demanded, filter for target(!)/player auras, so it could...