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File: Better Inbox12-18-09
Originally posted by brod As of p...
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Originally posted by brod As of patch 3.3, BetterInbox will no longer continue to receive mail if you use the Open all mail option and then alt-tab out of WoW. The same happens when u use an addon to post auctions for example. I set the addon to post who knows how many auctions, tab outta WoW, and when i return it'll resume fr...
File: Quick Auctions 310-27-09
(feature request) Cancel option?
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Hi, 1st up: I'm sorry this turned into one of my dreaded wall-o-text's. (i know it's my 1st one on this website, but ppl know me for my posts, usually) 2nd: I absolutely love the addon, does the work so much faster and simpler then any other similar addon i've tried to get my auctions on the AH and it even adds the awesome...