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File: Quick Auctions 312-18-09
Re: Odd behaviour
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Originally posted by Kosmochlor Hi Shadowed - Good work on the addon. The latest release seems to give me some bizarre behaviour: on doing a post, some glyphs are listed in the log as 'Posting 'X' at price N/N (No other auctions up)' (where X, N, etc. are the glyph and number I've chosen). The bizarre bit is 'No othe...
File: Quick Auctions 312-16-09
Originally posted by Shadowed It'...
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Originally posted by Shadowed It's 2 AM and I am annoyed, but I did find the stupid compatibility issue and it's pretty much what I thought. This is NOT Quick Auctions fault, it's Auctionator's for functioning incorrectly, it's an issue that has likely existed for a long time with QA/Auctionator but the faster posting made the i...
File: Quick Auctions 312-08-09
New update canceling like a charm,...
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New update canceling like a charm, thanks for the quick fix. :banana:
File: Quick Auctions 312-07-09
Originally posted by Ransiel Foun...
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Originally posted by Ransiel Found an odd problem today, when using the craft Que for my glyphs if there were none of a specific glyph on the ah, it would not show that i have any of this glyph in my bag [/QUOTE That sounds more like an altoholic/skillet problem since that would be where all the info is coming from for that I be...
File: Quick Auctions 312-06-09
auctions not being posted
Posted By: Crunkgnarly
noticing some odd behavior in the latest release. Auctions are being cancelled/expired and in the log says they are to be posted, yet never actually do get posted. This only seems to happen when there is a bid only auction up and we are the only other poster. Seen this happen several times now.
File: Quick Auctions 310-27-09
Feature Request - Uppercut!
Posted By: Crunkgnarly
hi shadowed, Let me start by saying what a great addon you have developed. :D I'd like to propose that a new feature be added called an Uppercut, where the addon checks that you are maintaining the undercut that you have set compared to the next lowest buyout, so that when certain competitors auctions fall off, ours will be ca...