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File: WoW UI Designer10-31-09
Make UI doesn't freeze please
Posted By: Elno
Please can you make UI doesn't freeze when load addons. Use thread or usefull and easy to use BackgroundWorker Thank you
File: LUI v310-28-09
1280*1024 doesn't work :/ I have...
Posted By: Elno
1280*1024 doesn't work :/ I have delete interface, wtf folders and copy all folders from LUI V2.0 archive. I rename YOURACCOUNT, YOURSERVER, YOURCHAR. IG I have : /reflux switch LUI_1280, /grid config..., and /rl But : http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/617/wowscrnshot102809174626.th.jpg Can you help me? And how to ?...