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File: Perl Classic Unit Frames12-18-06
whats Perlfocus do..? O.o
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whats Perlfocus do..? O.o
File: cgCrafty05-27-06
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People seem to be nitpicking this mod.... but it is what i have been asking for for a looooong time.... so, thank you very much, this especially comes in handy with alchemy where everything is in the same category
File: FuBar 3.6.504-16-06
No, I have ace, and I have them ena...
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No, I have ace, and I have them enabled :(
File: FuBar 3.6.504-15-06
Re: Re: Why Switch?
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Eh... I really don't know what's going on... I DL'd Fubar and the starter pack, and it just wont show up... I've been using addons for a long time, so i know what I'm doing, but I don't even get any error messages or anything... It's like the mod just isn't even there. I've also tried deleting the file and installing individual pl...
File: BhaldieInfoBar12-14-05
Re: Grats
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Could ya port the hearthstone button? please?
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames12-10-05
Expand upwards
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Is there a way to change an XML file to make the frames expand upwards
File: BhaldieInfoBar12-08-05
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Very nice... a slick alternative to titan. it just looks better :P