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thx it sounds great:) cant wait to...
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thx it sounds great:) cant wait to see:D
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rage orb
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Hello i have little problem with this addon. I downloaded rbbs for diablo 3 and set it like this: http://i2.lulzimg.com/30dbf7aa68.jpg But i rly dont like this blue mana orb on my warrior.. So i wanted to change it so it could fit Rage.. I want somth like in d3: http://i2.lulzimg.com/d060a20345.jpg So i looked for orbs a...
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ok i pushed "hide" on the skull nea...
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ok i pushed "hide" on the skull near minimap and button&threatmeter dissapeared and now i cant get it back.. theres no Book-mark for fubar in interface/addons..