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File: DoTimerFanFix12-23-09
Is there a way to use my own border...
Posted By: Souli123
Is there a way to use my own bordertextures for icon display (square, not round)? I went through every lua but couldn't find anything to change this :/
File: oUF_HealComm412-09-09
Added if(IsAddOnLoaded("oUF_HealC...
Posted By: Souli123
Added if(IsAddOnLoaded("oUF_HealComm4")) then self.HealCommBar = CreateFrame('StatusBar', nil, self.Health) self.HealCommBar:SetHeight(0) self.HealCommBar:SetWidth(0) self.HealCommBar:SetStatusBarTexture(self.Health:GetStatusBarTexture():GetTexture()) self.HealCommBar:SetStatusBarColor(0, 1, 0, 0.25) self.HealCommBar:Set...
File: oUF_HealComm411-01-09
I've got some problems with my Heal...
Posted By: Souli123
I've got some problems with my Healcomm. http://www.bilder-space.de/thumb/01.11qoPz0DbxWTAeVlU.JPG I only see the green bar, when I overheal myself. When I cast spells which don't fill the health of the target nothing happens like you can see in the picture. I would be glad for any solution :)