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File: Satrina Buff Frames 307-23-10
tt filter not working
Posted By: ldene
im trying to get sbf to not show any buff when im mounted, so i figured i'd use the tt option to say tt=increases mount speed by 100%. i've set it to black list, the buff frame is showing, i've tried various different ways of typing it, but nothing is working, all i get is: SBF: Invalid filter "tt:increases speed by 100%" SBF: N...
File: Ackis Recipe List03-10-10
Vendor tooltip
Posted By: ldene
when i hover over a vendor that recipes i dont have, there displayed in the tooltip. anyway of getting rid of this? i've had a look and cant see anything, i've also looked in the config for cowtip (which i use for the tooltips), but cant see anything their either. thanks :)
File: EveryQuest11-01-09
i'm trying to run this on the ptr (...
Posted By: ldene
i'm trying to run this on the ptr (latest everyquest version 2.3.4), however it's not populating the history, the following is from the chat window: " EveryQuest: Querying Server for your quest history EveryQuest: Ready to populate your quest history from server EveryQuest: Populating your quest history from the server, this m...