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File: Masque: Renaitre08-01-10
First of all, thanks a lot for uplo...
Posted By: Therawyn
First of all, thanks a lot for uploading this great addon! But I have a query - I accidentally removed Renaitre from my PC with the Curse client some weeks ago. When I noticed, I installed it again right away. But my old texture was gone. It was my favourite one, and I've been looking all over for it the last couple of weeks. With...
File: Prat 3.003-06-10
Is it possible to have the differen...
Posted By: Therawyn
Is it possible to have the different channels tabbed? Instead of just General and Combat Log?
File: PhanxChat01-21-10
Chat logging
Posted By: Therawyn
I've noticed PhanxChat has an option which is "Auto-start logging". I assume enabling this option will make PhanxChat record the chat, like with an instant messenger. Where do I find the log files?
File: Dominos01-11-10
@Therawyn: Your unit frames should...
Posted By: Therawyn
@Therawyn: Your unit frames should be providing this information. An example: For the quest Shoot 'Em Up you need to mount a cannon and shoot at the drakes flying by. The cannon is not targetable when you're mounted on it and you need to know how much Energy you have left while shooting. With dominos that's not possible. It...
File: Dominos01-10-10
Dominos vehicle control?
Posted By: Therawyn
HI. First fo all - great addon, thank you so much for sharing it :) One question though: it is a problem when I'm seated in a vehicle and I need to see things like energy/mana/life. The only thing Dominos offers for the vehicle is the leave button. Is there any way to see this anyway without disabling dominos?
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic12-14-09
Re: Try these
Posted By: Therawyn
Originally posted by ricks322 Chat Commands •/feedomatic (or /fom or /feed) : Opens Feed-O-Matic’s Options panel. •also/feedomatic (or /fom or /feed) where can be any of the following: •help – Print this helplist. •status – Check current settings. •reset – Reset to default settings. •add – Add food to the list f...
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic12-14-09
I made lots of Spiced Mammoth Treat...
Posted By: Therawyn
I made lots of Spiced Mammoth Treats lately, and that food isn't even in the list. And I don't use any other food for my pet. Can I customize the food list somehow?
File: Bison12-12-09
Anyone know when this addon will be...
Posted By: Therawyn
Anyone know when this addon will be updated? Since it does not yet work with Patch 3.3 I've had to find a temporary replacement.
File: Dominos11-06-09
Hello there! I'd like to say tha...
Posted By: Therawyn
Hello there! I'd like to say that I think Dominos is a great addon. I've tried a lot of different actionbar addons, but not one can measure up to Dominos :) I do have one question, though; is it possible to disable the Dominos XP-bar and use the original Blizzard XP-bar instead? I tried disabling the Dominos XP-bar in the addons...