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File: Omen Threat Meter11-18-10
Originally posted by lilgulps Is...
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Originally posted by lilgulps Is mirror image threat for mages bugged? It used to show a grey bar when images were enabled now it just shows no threat then all of a sudden dumps you back on the list when the aura fades I'm having problems with mirror images too, after patch 4.0.3 It shows no threat, grey bar was gonne.
File: AVR05-19-10
PTR 0.3.5 (12045) patch
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Only to report that AVR is messing something up in graphics in last version on PTR (0.3.5 "12045") and fps is going realy bad =/
File: Shadowed Unit Frames03-23-10
Bar texture
Posted By: c0ding
Bar texture isn't working properly. Din't get the width correctly, to resize it.
File: EveryQuest12-09-09
Out of date
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Hello, only to report that the addon is "out of date", but if you load it, it works... Regards,
File: Roth UI (Diablo)11-05-09
oUF.Tags ... d3o2misshp :: oUF_D3Orbs.lua
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Hello, Don't know if there as been figure out, but here I have an error "attempt to perform arithmetic on a string value", in file oUF_D3Orbs.lua This code: elseif v > 1000000 then string = -(floor((v/1000000)*10)/10).."m" elseif v > 1000 then string = -(floor((v/1000)*10)/10).."k" else string...
File: oUF Smooth Update11-03-09
How to make it works with only de b...
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How to make it works with only de button bar style? http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12975-rBottomBarStylerDiablo.html It's from Zork, but only the button bar. Regards,