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File: Numeration Damage Meter04-26-11
1. Is it currently possible to shor...
Posted By: Zagrei
1. Is it currently possible to shorten the DMG/Heal amounts? (Instead of seeing "700000" is says "700k") 2. Is it possible to anchor the Bars to the bottom of the frame? As in, the bars grow upwards instead of downwards. If possible, I would like to keep the Title bar at the top of the frame. I do really like the addon, thou...
File: TinyDPS04-26-11
You mentioned that the fix for 4.1...
Posted By: Zagrei
You mentioned that the fix for 4.1 would be an easy one. Now that 4.1 is live, could the fix be implemented relatively quickly? I feel so lost without my TinyDPS :P
File: Aurora12-01-10
If I wished to remove the shadow ar...
Posted By: Zagrei
If I wished to remove the shadow around the edges of the skinned frames, what section of the code would I have to edit (if it is indeed possible)? I basically just want a plain 1px black border; yours, minus the outer shadow.
File: ButtonFacade_Nefs11-30-10
Whoah, nice! Maybe THIS one will a...
Posted By: Zagrei
Whoah, nice! Maybe THIS one will actually be pixel perfect for me :P I had to resort to stealing Haleth's code for my actionbars... with permission, I swear! Haha :P I'll give it a try later today!
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-01-10
I sent you a PM as well, but I don'...
Posted By: Zagrei
I sent you a PM as well, but I don't know if you respond to those or not :P I would VERY much like a HP Deficit setting for the HP bars. You already have a 'Fill on Loss' option for StufRaid, but not for Stuf Unit Frames! =O I have spent the last hour or so trying to port the option over to Stuf UFs, but I have had no success =...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-20-10
I would like to second the bugs wit...
Posted By: Zagrei
I would like to second the bugs with Temporary Weapon Enchants. On my shaman, if I have one on my weapon, I get the same bug as the previously posted one (for poisons). Just thought I would let you know :)
File: FreeUI09-12-10
Posted By: Zagrei
I LOVE this UI! It's so pixel-perfect... it makes the OCD side of me happy :) Only problem is that I'm running on a stupidly small screen (13.3" >.>, 1280x800 res), and it does NOT work on my screen :( Any tips on how to change the sizes of things (or maybe even make the UI compatible? :rolleyes:) Thanks a bunch!
File: oUF_Ocu02-09-10
Re: Re: Me Liiiike :D
Posted By: Zagrei
Originally posted by Ocu Oh yeah, that's the default ouf runebar, i'll edit the boolean to toggle that on and off in settings.lua. Raid and party frames are incoming, though i dont have an estimate on that yet. edit: New version with refined rune options pending. Ahh, thanks a bundle :) Once the servers are back up, I'...
File: oUF_Ocu02-09-10
Me Liiiike :D
Posted By: Zagrei
Very well done... I like it! Now I don't have to use Stuf to get this look (Hooray!) :D I too wish it had Raid Frames to match, but I'll live ;) One question: I play a DK, and there is a Rune Bar just sitting there in the UI. I don't have oUF_RuneBar installed, and I turned off the Rune Bar setting in the LUA, but it doe...