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File: CS 490 Final Project04-12-11
Re: Only US realms?
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Originally posted by bebob Do you only need the US or the other realms too? Other realms as well, the data is saved as CharacterName-Realm Name-EU/US so I can differentiate. I am looking for as wide an array of data as possible for statistical significance
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Adding percents to xp bar
Posted By: pocnib
Hey, loving this addon(using it with rActionBarStyler and rBottomBarStyler), but i also really enjoy having my xp on the bar so I don't have to hover over and check the tooltip, added this code into the bf_showXP fucntion local fs = xbar:CreateFontString(nil,"OVERLAY","GameTooltipText") fs:SetPoint("CENTER",xbar,"CENTER",0,0)...
File: rActionBar11-10-09
Getting Started
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EDIT*** Sorry, restarting my computer fixed my issue, looks awesome, just need to play around with the settings now I am still having one problem, the right bars will not move. I edited the config part of the lua file to: -- rightbars (bar45) rightbars_on_mouseover = 0 move_rightbars = 1 lock_rightbars = 0 but th...