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File: QuestHelper11-12-09
Re: Re: eroor I got
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Originally posted by ZorbaTHut As mentioned, you've got a very old version. It's possible you're not installing in the right directory - you might want to use the MMOUI Minion or the Curse Client to install, as it should be able to root out the correct location and dump stuff there. Yep. You were absolutely right. I have fixed it...
File: QuestHelper11-11-09
eroor I got
Posted By: Juliet
I really like QH, but right now I'm not able to use it. I have not found correct section for error reporting, so I decided to add it to this post. I have downloaded the latest version of QH, pasted it to AddOns directory. When I ran WoW, I received the following errors: First one: Date: 2009-11-11 10:53:01 ID: 1 Error occured...