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File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates03-08-10
can you introduce tank list in orde...
Posted By: Mikas
can you introduce tank list in order to not care of the mob nameplates if they attack other raid tanks ? it is ok to manually adjust this tank list
File: Quick Auctions 312-16-09
Originally posted by Phemoir Plea...
Posted By: Mikas
Originally posted by Phemoir Please add: Ignore Stack Size > X How it works: Pick the size of a stack for this item, and when deciding to undercut an existing auction, if the stack size of that auction is greater than X, it ignores that auction when calculating the price. Example: Bob sells apples for 10g each. Tom...
File: Quick Auctions 312-15-09
after the latest patch QA2 keeps po...
Posted By: Mikas
after the latest patch QA2 keeps posting items ignoring post cap 1 reporting that there is no other auctions up stacking them up to 5 posted and even more also noticed that a lot of items in item groups r shown as item:20000 as an example deleting quickauctions.lua and creating new configurations does not help
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates11-17-09
it seams that TP_HealthBarOverlayHi...
Posted By: Mikas
it seams that TP_HealthBarOverlayHighThreat.tga in distribution is not correct since it does not make green squared glowing it looks like same "Alternative Default Style "HIGH Threat" plates" file