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File: Quick Auctions 304-17-10
Feature Request
Posted By: Gooofy
Feature request if this feature is not already possible: The ability for you to automatically queue everything that you're short into the crafting queue. Lets say I am into making Glyphs. Automatically scan all my characters and banks (make it interact with altholic) and queue glyphs that I have ran out or have less than 5 o...
File: Quick Auctions 301-02-10
When I click "Open all" in the mail...
Posted By: Gooofy
When I click "Open all" in the mailbox (using Postal), it doesn't collect all the mail that appears after the first automatically... How do i get that to work? That function would be fantastic (I don't have to stand at the mailbox for 15 mins just to get out all my failed auctions).
File: BankStack12-22-09
Is it possible for you to implement...
Posted By: Gooofy
Is it possible for you to implement sorting of Guild Bank into the GUI? Lots of people miss the guild bank sorting functions because there is no GUI for it.
File: Scrap (Junk Seller)12-22-09
Are you able to add the option for...
Posted By: Gooofy
Are you able to add the option for us to see what item is in our list of auto sell items?
File: ShadowedUF Aura Indicators12-16-09
Originally posted by Shadowed Sho...
Posted By: Gooofy
Originally posted by Shadowed Should be fixed next push The aura indicators, when set to Commanding Shout, does not display properly. The options are set to display icon instead of just a colored box and instead it shows a transparent box with black outline. http://i45.tinypic.com/xanpxt.jpg
File: ShadowedUF Aura Indicators12-13-09
I think this is an error. Under...
Posted By: Gooofy
I think this is an error. Under add auras config menu, i'm unable to add new auras. The UI boxes to add new auras just disappeared.... Attached a screenshot: http://i47.tinypic.com/14sdwfr.jpg EDIT: I managed to figure out what caused the UI elements to go missing: I managed to get back the: Aura group (Drop down)...