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File: LUI v310-13-11
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Am I the only one not finding an Extras folder in the downloaded zipfile? Where is this "Extras" folder that is talked about in the description?
File: LUI v304-24-10
Hey Loui, Try this: copy the blu...
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Hey Loui, Try this: copy the bluez in the forums and just say soon(tm) ^^ Originally posted by memsiß @ all Flamers, silence /sign and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uwOL4rB-go
File: LUI v304-21-10
Originally posted by loui forum &...
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Originally posted by loui forum & website will be online this night (CET). :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
File: LUI v304-20-10
Originally posted by loui im grun...
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Originally posted by loui im grunde werd ich heute mit LUI v3 fertig... morgen starten dann die ersten testläufe auf verschiedenen auflösungen usw.. ------- i will be finished with LUI v3 this night... BUT (and this is a huge one) i will have to test all different kinds of resolutions tomorrow.. which means the release is ver...
File: LUI v304-08-10
Hey thanks alot for the tip of upda...
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Hey thanks alot for the tip of updating KGpanels! now i have a different question though! when i click to hide the chatbox the background disappears but the chatbox stay visible! how can i fix this? and one more thing: since I'm a DK i need my "Stances" how do i make it so that they disappear when i disable the bars? than...
File: LUI v304-06-10
Re: Re: Third Party Addons
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Question: Ich habe es jetzt zum 3. mal probiert zu installieren und wieder das selbe Problem und zwar: ich sehe die tollen Grafiken (oder auch striche genannt) nicht :( Nein ich habe jetzt nicht jeden der 3,3k posts gelesen aber ich hab die ersten seiten gelesen und nix gefunden diesbezüglich. Von welchem Addon kommen die grafiken...
File: ChertiUI v6.01 (Priest, Warlock and Warrior Interface Compilation - 1920x1080)11-28-09
Great UI!
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Okey i'm new to this so i might sound stupid now :P but i assume when i downlaod this etc i get the excact same UI as shown on pics? coz when i logged in everything was mashed into the middle and i had to tweak everything myself :S whats wrong? did you type " /reflux switch ChertiUI "? that will set everything to where it needs to...