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File: ForteXorcist12-03-10
Is there a way of adding Smite, Pen...
Posted By: Braeg
Is there a way of adding Smite, Penance and Mind Blast (and any other missing spells) to the Spell Timer, as to alert the user when these spells miss? Thanks.
File: Quick Auctions 306-11-10
Does anyone know whether there's a...
Posted By: Braeg
Does anyone know whether there's a way to post stack remainders? Example: I have "per auction" set to 20, but have 21 units of the item. I'd still like to post the remaining 1 unit. I've asked this before but thought there may be a way of doing this currently.
File: Quick Auctions 305-22-10
Thank you for creating such an amaz...
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Thank you for creating such an amazing add-on. I'd still like to know whether it would be possible to have a "per auction fallback". Originally posted by xandora How does it work? I haven't been able to make it do anything useful. :( Using the summary menu you queue up the desired items for production, let's say some glyp...
File: Quick Auctions 305-19-10
Hello, I was wondering if there was...
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Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to activate a "per auction fallback". For example, if I'm posting 21 units of in stacks of 20, it will neglect to post the remaining single unit and an option to post the remainder would be useful.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-01-09
Originally posted by Shadowed Bas...
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Originally posted by Shadowed Basically just went through every post I can see in the last 3 pages, if I missed yours then post again please. ... Braeg: Color by reaction will no longer override class coloring for players. ... Hi Shadowed, will you be releasing a new version that will be fixing this soon?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-28-09
'Color by reaction' is overriding '...
Posted By: Braeg
'Color by reaction' is overriding 'Color health by: Class' when targeting enemy players. 'Color by reaction' tooltip reads "If the unit is not a player...", so I'm guessing it shouldn't be doing this.