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File: Mono UI08-29-12
I tried the Beta version and I stil...
Posted By: zukigiant
I tried the Beta version and I still have the Blizzard action bars etc on my screen. How do I fix that?
File: Mono UI12-13-11
Got another question and it may hav...
Posted By: zukigiant
Got another question and it may have already been asked. I have tried all that I know to do and still can't figure it out. I am not seeing any rolls in my chat frame for loot. If I do a /roll I can see that, but not a need/greed rol like in the new LFR.
File: Mono UI12-02-11
Ultraxion fight
Posted By: zukigiant
Anyone else not able to see the button to go from twilight to regular realm on Ultraxion? I have the latest version of UI, but still not seeing it. Any help or ideas????
File: Mono UI11-19-10
one problem
Posted By: zukigiant
I just started using this UI and I love it. I have 1 problem that I don't know how to fix. How do i disable the auto guild bank repair that it does? I am a GM of my guild and we only allow this during raids. It is doing it for me everytime I try to repair. Thanks for the help.