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File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)10-28-10
Posted By: Eckdahl
I received the same error as Apakal after installing the latest version. Reverting to 2.01 fixed the issue.
File: NugRunning10-16-10
Re: Re: Paladin bars
Posted By: Eckdahl
Originally posted by d87 Try AddSpell({ 90174 },{ name = "Hand of Light", shine = true, showid = 85256, short = "Light", color = colors.PINK, duration = 8 }) That did the trick, thank you.
File: NugRunning10-16-10
Paladin bars
Posted By: Eckdahl
Hand of Light procs aren't showing up. Looking at config.lua , you have the spell ID for Inquisition listed instead of Hand of Light: AddActivation( 84963,{ name = "Hand of Light", shine = true, showid = 85256, short = "Light", color = colors.PINK, duration = 8 }) But even changing the 84963 to 90174 (The Hand of Light procced...
File: Aptechka08-02-10
Name vs. Bar coloring
Posted By: Eckdahl
I didn't manage to find an answer to this in the comments, nor in the code... Is it possible to have the health bar in one color, unit names in another? Ideally I'd like to set a custom color for the healthbar, which I figured out, but I'd prefer to have the unit names class colored if possible...it's just too difficult for me...
File: Arodin's Power Auras07-15-10
Posted By: Eckdahl
Any chance you plan on adding more of a description? Such as what auras you have set up, etc.?
File: GridDynamicLayout02-15-10
Posted By: Eckdahl
Is there some logic problem preventing you from separating out elemental shaman into the ranged group, or enhancement shaman / retribution paladins into the melee group?
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)02-08-10
Posted By: Eckdahl
Is there any reason the meleeswing bar shouldn't be working while in cat or bear form for a druid?
File: LitePanels01-18-10
Re: Re: Framing my buffs
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Thank you! Figuring out how to actually get the buff count was catching me up.
File: LitePanels01-16-10
Framing my buffs
Posted By: Eckdahl
Is it possible to create a panel which would resize depending on how many buffs are on the player? Here's the logic I'm looking for: height = 32 width = 32 numbuffs = 0 if (numbuffs < 12 ) { height = 32, width = numbuffs * 32} else { height = 64 width =12*32}
File: Quick Auctions 312-19-09
Re: Feature Request
Posted By: Eckdahl
EDIT: Issue was one-off, resulting from rapid posting on the AH by other users.
File: Quick Auctions 312-14-09
Originally posted by Shadowed Don...
Posted By: Eckdahl
Originally posted by Shadowed Don't run Auctionator/Auctioneer with Quick Auctions Is this a bug that's foreseeable as being corrected in the future? There's absolutely no easier way for me to post auctions than with QuickAuctions, but on the flip side of the coin, there's nothing easier to BUY things with than Auctionator. N...
File: Buffoon12-05-09
Buffleupagus? Indeed though, goo...
Posted By: Eckdahl
Buffleupagus? Indeed though, good work and keep it up! There will never be too many modders that actually care about their projects and keep them well up to date.
File: Buffoon12-03-09
Hate to say it...
Posted By: Eckdahl
I hate to say it, but this time you've picked a name that's in use again. What's more, Tekkub's Buffoon does the exact same thing...shows you who cast what, albeit through a LibDataBroker display rather than tooltips. http://tekkub.net/ http://github.com/tekkub/Buffoon Why it isn't on his page here on WoWInterface, I have n...