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File: BTex Cataclysm Skin08-04-10
Originally posted by dissentience...
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Originally posted by dissentience This is a gorgeous skin, permanently part of my UI n ow. Thanks! http://ezpicshare.com/images/wowscrnsho.png Did it for people like you! :D And thanks for using it for your UI ;)
File: BTex Cataclysm Skin01-04-10
Winrar is free? :O Anyway, I'll...
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Winrar is free? :O Anyway, I'll upload a .zip archive of it.
File: BTex Cataclysm Skin12-21-09
Originally posted by tiggy Nice s...
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Originally posted by tiggy Nice skin !! good job ! Hehe, thanks pal ^^ Great you made the addon!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-03-09
Adding actual image of Enemy?
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I don't know if this have been suggested before, but would a model not be better to have with the target? Just something like in the upper left corner of the nameplate, as I only disabled the full version because of the struggle to get use to it.