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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)01-19-11
Is there any way to make the health...
Posted By: Caen Grief
Is there any way to make the health bar change colour to show if a mob is tagged? Or any other way? Also, my debuffs and buff are showing their red and blue (respectivly) background shadow over the top of the icon. It's almost impossible to see what the icon actually is without mousing over the top and it's quite annoying and i do...
File: rChat01-03-11
Re: In game language
Posted By: Caen Grief
Originally posted by Silverdragn How do you change your in game language from common or orcish to Gutterspeak or dwarven? Does anyone know if it's possible to show the box above the chat bar that lets you do this? I'd like to enable it and make it a black square above the chat talk box.
File: clcret12-03-10
Not sure why because it's been work...
Posted By: Caen Grief
Not sure why because it's been working all week but now whenever i log in it spams my chatbox with: clcret: This message shouldn't be here Doesn't matter if i change specs back and forth. Tried redownloading and deleting saved variables but doesn't seem to help. Anyone else got this or know a solution?
File: LUI v312-16-09
Re: Forms and stealth bar
Posted By: Caen Grief
Originally posted by ARK12 I play a druid and a rogue with your UI (awesome) only problem is the stealth icon and other forms for a druid icons are right in the middle of the screen, is there a way to move them around? type /bar and tick off the unlock option at the top of the config. This will show you where all the bars are t...
File: LUI v312-15-09
Lovely UI, but i have 1 small probl...
Posted By: Caen Grief
Lovely UI, but i have 1 small problem with the left sidebar and i've done the tutorial about 5 times start to finish and it always ends up the same. The background kgpanel is off on the y axis and i can't find it's name to adjust it. http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/4672/brokenbox.png Thanks in advance.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-03-09
For some reason adding that in conf...
Posted By: Caen Grief
For some reason adding that in config doesn't do anything.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-03-09
This would be perfect if it showed...
Posted By: Caen Grief
This would be perfect if it showed how much mana someone has as a number with the bar.
File: rActionBar12-03-09
I'm probably doing something wrong...
Posted By: Caen Grief
I'm probably doing something wrong or missing some values but; I've scaled the rBottomBarStyler roth orbs up to 1.6 because using UI scale makes blizzards stuff block out my whole screen if i want it that big. It's all working perfect except for the icons, i can scale them to the same size or near same size but they never fit w...