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File: Multishot (Screenshot)02-07-10
I would like to Battleground and Battlefield arena screenshot!!
Posted By: hellguard
Hi, Dlui :) Thanx your nice addon. I would like to take a autoscreenshot when I won the Battleground combat and Battlefield Arena. Is it possible?? Sorry My bad English~:D
File: Armory01-03-10
Found 1 error~~
Posted By: hellguard
Hi, Warmexx~ I appreciate your sincerity reply.:) By the way, I have 1 problem again. This error occurs when I Right-Click the amory icon and select 'seach database' option in popup menu. Would you check this problem, please?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interface\AddOns\...
File: Armory01-02-10
some wrong translations fix~~
Posted By: hellguard
Hi, Warmexx!! I get a new CurseForge Account today! My ID is fwdmusso. (Not hellguard... Someone already have been using ID..) Accordingly, Some wrong translations fix. http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/armory/localization/koKR/ Here, check it out please~~!! :)
File: Armory01-02-10
Thanx Warmexx!!
Posted By: hellguard
I am impressed by your Korean greeting and understand me. really thanx Warmexx~:D I already known translation application, In addition, easy to use and reply handy, but that is not always correct work. thus, I used not to that well. :) .... No pains, no gains.. <-- Am I right?? ;) Warmexx, I hope that Armory frame scale adjusta...
File: Armory12-31-09
Hi, Warmexx~ :)
Posted By: hellguard
Happy New year~~ everyone~ :) I already checked that! Warmexx~~ If you want to get a new Korean Local file, go to download file at this site --> http://wow.somegate.com/topic.php?topic_uid=105421 and replace that. is the most famous WOW addon site in Korea. --------------------------------------------...
File: Armory12-30-09
Thanx warmexx!!
Posted By: hellguard
Korean Local and New oGlow support!! Really thanx~~~ :)
File: Armory12-28-09
conflict new version oGlow~~
Posted By: hellguard
Hi, Warmexx Thanx for your Great Addon~ I have 1 problem~ >> http://github.com/haste/oGlow (Not WOWInterface.com Version) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interface\AddOns\Armory\Frames\ArmoryFrame.lua:1157: attempt to call global 'oGlow' (a table value) Count: 19 Call Stack: :...