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File: MyBags11-20-07
Just a quick update (sorry for not...
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Just a quick update (sorry for not writing before): instead of figuring out what's causing problems with RecipeBook, I just switched to ProfessionsBook. So far everything's working perfectly here. Again, thank you very much for keeping this alive!
File: NazGuildWelcomer11-18-07
Posted By: alexgieg
Hi! I didn't found a page for NazGuildRecruiter. I also tried sending you an e-mail, but since I've received no reply I'm hoping you'll read this bug report here. See below a slightly modified but better formatted version of the e-mail I sent you: When I didn't found an official thread on WoWAce forum's for NazGuildRecruiter, I...
File: Clique11-16-07
@Archangel_Mike: Ace2 is a nice fra...
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@Archangel_Mike: Ace2 is a nice framework for those who use a lot of Ace2 addons, as is my case (300+ addons so far), or really huge addons, since in both cases your setup ends up using most of the features available in the Ace libraries, what in turn saves memory. On the other hand, if you use only two or three small addons, having...
File: MyBags10-18-07
Sure! I'll try to single-out which...
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Sure! I'll try to single-out which addon (or combination thereof) is causing the problem this weekend. Until then, I can live without RecipeBook. :)
File: MyBags10-16-07
Well, I have a lot of addons that m...
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Well, I have a lot of addons that modify the tooltip other than RecipeBook. From memory I can mention Auctioneer (in embedded mode), NextStep, Mendeleev, MonkeyQuest, ManaPerc, HealPoints, TankPoints, Notes-U-Need, tekKompare and TinyTip, although that's probably a partial list. And outside the bag system I also use Fizzwidget AdSpac...
File: MyBags10-16-07
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I've tried patching my RecipeBook (version 2.2.0a), but it seems it didn't work. Whenever I try mouseovering any item in a MyBags window, my WoW halts for 10 or more seconds, and then BugGrabber captures this error: : RecipeBook-2.2.0a\RecipeBook.lua:158: stack overflow RecipeBook-2.2.0a\RecipeBook.lua:158: in function `RecipeBoo...
File: MyBags10-15-07
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Nice! Thank you very much! About RecipeBook: would you mind posting the patch as a reply here? I'd like to apply it to my local copy of RecipeBook so that it stays working while the official one doesn't get updated.
File: MyBags10-12-07
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Hi, I'm curious: have you already obtained any progress on the tooltip flickering problem? Not that I want to haste you, but those tooltips appearing and disappearing make it difficult to read some tooltips. I've seen other addons with tooltip problems solve this by adding "self" or "..." or "arg1" on lines with "whatever_OnEnter(...
File: MyBags09-29-07
Yes, thank you very much for still...
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Yes, thank you very much for still maintaining this addon! I have tried many bag addons out there, but so far MyBags is still the single best one at just everything: appearance, functionality, "configurability", and so on. I really hope it'll stay alive for yet many patches and expansions. I really don't know how I would be able to p...
File: WhoNote08-16-07
Re: Re: WhoLib
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Nice! Thank you for the information. :)
File: WhoNote08-14-07
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Hi! Just a question: does this addon work well when other addon is loaded that uses WhoLib? I ask because I've seen some non-WhoLib-aware addons (most notably NotesUNeed) not noticing the delay introduced by that library's queuing of /who checks, and thus failing in getting the result of their "whos".
File: GoGoMount06-16-07
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Not sure whether this is important or not, but I was reading today my Logs\FrameXML.log file and found an entry about GoGoMount. So, here it is, for whatever it's worth. :) 6/16 14:27:43.129 Binding header GOGOHEADER is defined more than once in Interface\AddOns\GoGoMount\Bindings.xml PS.: I really hope you haven't discontinue...
File: MyBags12-13-06
Thanks for looking into the problem...
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Thanks for looking into the problem. I would have posted this in the WoWAce forums, but they were down when I went there, so I posted it here to be sure I wouldn't forget to do it later. :)
File: MyBags12-12-06
MyBags' Taunted
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I found a bug with the new MyBags. For some reason, when I right-click an item in my inventory, WoW popups a message saying Ace has tried to do something illegal, and offering me to disable Ace. I tried to load only Ace and MyBags, nothing more, and this error still happened. Then I tried both plus the following standard compan...
File: FuBar - RecZone09-01-06
I agree with everyone below. Make t...
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I agree with everyone below. Make this into a full LocationFu replacement. It'll become a very good replacement indeed!
File: FuBar - RecZone08-30-06
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Just a question: does this offer some more features than the standard FuBar - LocationFu? Because that addon also shows recommended zones.
File: TransporterFu04-30-06
Destination Name
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I know the system asked that feature requests weren't made here, but I didn't found the appropriate place to put them. Sometimes this site confuses me. :) What's the proper "feature request page" link? Anyway, what I'd like to ask is that, instead of "Ready", the text in the panel showed the actual destination. The "Titan Portal"...