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File: LUI v304-26-10
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I havn't post until the first post from loui telling us that it will be released when it is done... but! - the website is up. :) - forum is working. :) - Version 3 is finished and ready. :banana: - only low-resolutions are a problem - i play in full HD - and hey i am able to change my resolution. Arn't they others too? :mad:...
File: LUI v304-03-10
Originally posted by loui ... so...
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Originally posted by loui ... so the last things i have to do before i can release v3 are: - heal mode (different grid positions) - add a tons of options to the option window (like oUF options, amount of bars) - beta testing *Will be glad to be a beta-tester* :)
File: LUI v312-10-09
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Hi Louí! First of all - thank's for your work! I need the left bars too! I have read the tutorial and the comments. I seam to be unable to get this to work. The Configuration seams to be saved in the file "kgPanels.lua". Please be so kind to send me the config-file with the left bars enabled or would it be possible to...