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File: Headline (Nameplates)02-22-11
Changing Font
Posted By: Herostan
Id like to change the font, is it possible? Its not as simple as changing the name in the LUA. Ty
File: Power Auras Classic03-18-10
Hi im trying to use power aura's to...
Posted By: Herostan
Hi im trying to use power aura's to track when enemies get certain buffs in pvp, basically im sick of focus kicking into divine shield because i cant tell its up. I can get it to set up a message when divine shield goes up using Spell Alert, but how do i get a message for when divine shield goes down - say if my priest mass dispel...
File: caelNameplates12-11-09
Nameplate height.
Posted By: Herostan
Hi, i love the addon, im not the best with lua's but have managed to edit what i want so far, im just wondering if its possible to adjust the height above enemies heads the bars appear. Im not talking about the height of the bar itself, im talking about the bars positioning, id like it slightly higher above peoples heads if its poss...