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File: NugComboBar11-03-10
I used to be able to have the Hkitt...
I used to be able to have the Hkitty skins but now they dont work anymore any way to have them work again with the latest exp you released? the last one worked fine but for some reason when i saw the upgrade i accepted to upgrade it and now my hkitty skins dont work anymore. please fix ^_^
File: NugComboBarHelloKitty06-22-10
I had this working before but i use...
I had this working before but i use curse client and it said that this addon had an update and when i updated i couldnt see my Hkitty anymore can you plz help?
File: kgPanels12-12-09
creating panel
hi I am new to your addon. Thanks to a great How to Youtube video i am doing wonders i never thought possable but i did hit an instant stop in my creations. An error message came up when i tried to create an Active Panel. It will not let me use the default panel either. Dont know whats rong please help. Thanks!