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File: Afflicted303-06-10
To elaborate on the below problem,...
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To elaborate on the below problem, it seems to be working on my alts, just not my main. =/
File: Afflicted303-04-10
Having an issue bringing up the men...
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Having an issue bringing up the menu... I've cleared my WTF / Cache / Addon folders of any remnants of Afflicted files, and reinstalled the addon. It is enabled, when I type /afflicted, I get the options of clear, test, and ui, however when I type /afflicted ui, /afflicted test, or /afflicted clear into the chat box, it will not let...
File: caelNameplates01-09-10
Is there any way to change the opac...
Posted By: Elph
Is there any way to change the opacity, layer, or distance above target's head so as to not block out default sct?
File: caelNameplates12-12-09
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Typically I use MSBT for my combat text, but I'd like to try to have my damage done to target appear through the blizzard sct - that is, above my target's head. My question is, is there a way to change the layer/level of the nameplates? Or increase the layer/level of the default sct so that the nameplates do not cover the damage? Th...