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File: SnowfallBuff12-14-09
i agree it would be nice if it has...
Posted By: tomkurtz8604
i agree it would be nice if it has a simple anchor to move, because i cant find a good mod that allows me to just move the whole buff box anymore. i even checked all the ones in the link. if anyone has any suggestions please post them. note: i did try one called femtobuff and i work great till all my buff just disappeared and then...
File: femtoBuff12-13-09
Missing Main Buffs
Posted By: tomkurtz8604
I have a problem where my Main Buff Box (green anchor) disappears or is unmoveable. this may be do to other mod conflictions but it worked when i first installed it and then the next day stoped working when i trying it on a differnt character. edit and now my red anchor for debuffs has also dissappeared? the only other mod that i...