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File: Boda UI - Discontinued.10-16-10
Re: Can't Download
Posted By: smokeyclassic
Originally posted by bestwarrior Hey! first off your UI looks amazing. There's one problem though: i can't download it. It downloads as a .rar instead of a actually ZIP File. Any ideas on how to fix this so it can download properly in a folder? Thanks in advance! Dude a .rar is a zip file. once its downloaded unzip it to ur...
File: Status Window 208-15-10
Conflict with skinner
Posted By: smokeyclassic
Any idea why, when i have skinner activated it changes the background color and border sizes, and wont let me change them back to what they were?
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.12-13-09
Hey great UI, so much so that I wan...
Posted By: smokeyclassic
Hey great UI, so much so that I want to try and adjust it to fit my 1920x1200 res. Here is a pic of my screen if u could just let me know what addons i will need to mess with i would be much obliged. Hopefully this wont be too hard.:D http://image75.webshots.com/175/1/83/98/2587183980046479025BJaiOT_fs.jpg