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File: MikScrollingBattleText09-03-12
missing localiztion file
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In v119, localization.xml refers to localization.it.lua, which is not in the zip.
File: RankWatch02-02-10
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Sorry about the delay in posting the updated version here. I manage the addon at Curse now, so comments there will probably be seen more quickly, but I'll try to remember to post updates here, too. I think it does pretty much what is needed now. Since ranks are going away with Cataclysm, I don't intend to put a huge amount more...
File: RankWatch01-02-10
Originally posted by uncaringbear...
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Originally posted by uncaringbear I would like to see an option to ignore downranked spells when you're casting something on a lowbie toon. For example, my 80 druid was helping a friend's lv 19 toon. I have no choice but to cast lower ranks of spells like Rejuvenation when it's applied to a low level character. In cases like this,...
File: RankWatch12-16-09
-- 1) what level a spell is learned...
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-- 1) what level a spell is learned This is easy, but I worry that it clutters things up. -- 2) level threshold Maybe, but some people like to get a reminder that their new level actually gives them new ranks of spells they really use. -- 3) report to party chat I've actually implemented this, been testing it, and it s...