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File: EquipCompare01-27-11
Re: EquipCompare tooltips way off
Posted By: AmeL
Originally posted by Szyarah TOOLTIP placement is horrible, inconsistent, all over the map. Suddenly the tips no longer line up. One tip is right at the mouse, the eqc tip is on the other side of the screen opposite wherever the main tip is. This is a new bug, bad behavior, whatever. I have disabled the mod since it is far...
File: EquipCompare12-29-10
Color implement
Posted By: AmeL
Love the add-on. Just a small request for it. I personally notice that when it does equipment comparisons there have been times that Ive gotten confused. It would be nice if the window(s) that says "CURRENTLY EQUIPPED", those words could say so with red letters or something to distinguish it at a glance. I would do it but not v...
File: QuestGuru10-22-10
Viewing Issue
Posted By: AmeL
Nevermind, i figuerd it out. Happens that Carbonite has an option for the key-bind, and somehow with the patch or add-on update, that option got disabled somehow. QuestGuru is working fine once more. Thanks for such a great add-on !!! :banana: :banana: :banana: Hi, ive been using QuestGuru + Carbonite hand in hand. But s...
File: Dungeon Ready05-17-10
How many moons does neptune have?
Posted By: AmeL
Going to try this now, as i Q for a dungeon. I did change the sound. Will report later on outcome.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-03-10
Posted By: AmeL
I have been using ver. XPerl-3.0.8_Release. I noticed that now i cant get XP to load. I used to be able to but not since the patch. Now i come here to see if maybe there is an update and i notice that the version here is the previous version that i had 3.0.7. Now how can that be? I have the .8 ver cause the XP addon said t...
File: CRAP: Corv's Reworked Accomplices Panel02-27-10
I dumb
Posted By: AmeL
Sorry but i must be dumb or something. How do you even call the add-on to work. I mean is there a slash command or something. Looked in lua file to see if i could find anything before writing here but nothing. Am i missing something? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
File: CorpseInfoRedux (Beta Version)02-19-10
Posted By: AmeL
Going to D/L this new version. Will keep posted if any new events appear. :p
File: CorpseInfoRedux (Beta Version)02-08-10
Posted By: AmeL
Hi, d/l ur addon a few days ago. Iv had it installed and running around to test it. I know i was running a dungeon an at first didnt notice but then it caught my eye. On my chat window it had already scrolled up, it was saying added to friends list a particular player that was running the dungeon with me (that i had no intention...