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File: WorkorderNeeds06-18-15
"The Forge" not showing add-on
Posted By: LonghornsER
Dear followers and readers, I just discovert the forge is hiding my addon, i will look into this asap Regards
File: WorkorderNeeds04-09-15
Upcoming Update of Workorderneeds
Posted By: LonghornsER
Dear followers, readers and users The upcoming WorkOrderNeeds will contain several important updates like: ** Changes behavior frame when players do battle Pets ** Changes in Automatic tracking Timber (when player has Lumber-mill in the garrison) because blizz changed the maximum amount of timber we can have : from 250 to un...
File: WorkorderNeeds03-10-15
Update comming Soon!!
Posted By: LonghornsER
Dear Reader, followers and users, This week, i hope to finishing the update (1.02.615) and fixing the things thats not working ad the moment, like the /won command. Because of an error my side, i must skip version 1.02.610. :cool: Hope you all are happy with this addon for the time you are using it already, if you have any ques...
File: WorkorderNeeds02-26-15
I'm back
Posted By: LonghornsER
Dear followers, readers and users; I want to apologizes to all of you, that i got away for a long period during a problem with my back. I will try to get back on updates asap, when i feel myself better to do this. Again, my apologizes to you all.
File: MacroTalk12-22-14
Re: Re: %loc
Posted By: LonghornsER
Dear Djidam, Can you make the %loc with 1 decimal, like 15.5, 60.2 That should fit the map coordinate like TomTom use Regards Hi, thanks for the suggestion. An update is coming live today. Thanks for this Update
File: MacroTalk12-01-14
Posted By: LonghornsER
Dear Djidam, Can you make the %loc with 1 decimal, like 15.5, 60.2 That should fit the map coordinate like TomTom use Regards
File: WorkorderNeeds11-22-14
Some Minor errors slipt in
Posted By: LonghornsER
The /won commands does not work in 1.02.605, this will be fixed in 1.02.610 where also be added some location in FFR that the addon is hiding, this is specially in some caves around FFR. My apologizes that i just notices this today Regards
File: WorkorderNeeds10-07-14
Quests resets in beta... addon can be broken.
Posted By: LonghornsER
During a quest reset in one of the updates last 2 weeks, my addon can be triggered as not working, because we "seams not did the quest" as required. and for some of us, that have a full standing garrison, we cant complete this quests again, so the addon will not working for thus, my apologizes, but this i cant fix, else the working o...
File: WorkorderNeeds10-01-14
Don't know if it's intended but eve...
Posted By: LonghornsER
Don't know if it's intended but every time I connect or log a toon, I have to retype /won show. No thats not the intention, however did you checked the settings. I did not have experience this kind of failer. Remember that on some locations the addon can be hidden, if you not have set settings like "show in ashran villages" or if...
File: WorkorderNeeds09-08-14
Problems with Profile Files!?
Posted By: LonghornsER
If you have problems with the profile files, Then follow this steps: Windows: 1; Exit WoWBeta 2; Open your file explorer 3; Browse to x:\...\World of Warcraft Beta\WTF\ 4a; Go to Account\\SavedVariables\ 4b; Remove/delete the files : WorkorderNeeds.lua and WorkorderNeeds.lua.bak 5 go back to x:\...\World of Warc...
File: WorkorderNeeds09-05-14
First of all, keep up the work on i...
Posted By: LonghornsER
First of all, keep up the work on it. I greatly appreciate your addon as it keeps me away from opeing my bags to check for those ressources. Thanks you, i try to keep up the works, if you have other ideas, please let me know I also want to report two issues First, the default counter still showing when WoN is shown, and seco...
File: WorkorderNeeds08-31-14
It's nearly impossible for your add...
Posted By: LonghornsER
It's nearly impossible for your addon not to cause taint. All your variables and functions are globals and some even with generic names that can conflict with other addons or even blizzard code. You should try to make all of them locals. When you change your xml to lua you can even get rid of all global functions as well. Oke, th...
File: WorkorderNeeds08-25-14
the ui is not showing up inside the...
Posted By: LonghornsER
the ui is not showing up inside the mine :) outside - http://imgur.com/3CVTy7d,p4zL7HM when i enter - http://imgur.com/p4zL7HM I will set the mine of alliances into the list Thanks for letting me know
File: WorkorderNeeds08-21-14
Additional Information
Posted By: LonghornsER
If you as user of this add-on have suggestions, like "hide when in combat", then write it down below, also buggs and Feedbacks may leafed here
File: Elkano's FramesResized02-15-11
WoW patch 4.0.6 (13623) Notice for...
Posted By: LonghornsER
WoW patch 4.0.6 (13623) Notice for users who have problems. If you are using Broker_ProfessionsMenu, then it can be happen that the addon FrameResized is not working well. If you Disable the "Trainer Frame" of the Broker addon, then the problem is fixed. Regards Longhorns
File: ItemRack - Cataclysm12-06-10
Originally posted by GreyOsiris I...
Posted By: LonghornsER
Originally posted by GreyOsiris I'm just now getting back into wow, and i used to love itemrack. so much better than the equipment manager. But i'm having a bit of a hiccup with it now. If i have itemrack disabled, i get well over 30fps. If i enable it, i drop to around 9fps, and the action bars will stop working. I extracte...
File: InFlight11-01-10
Re: Re: Request
Posted By: LonghornsER
Originally posted by totalpackage Nah, that option wouldn't be so useful since InFlight is rarely showing and is barely showing (it's a tiny bar!). Adding a simple option is more difficult than you think. I never say that it was easy... i know how hard it can be to create or programming a tool....
File: InFlight10-31-10
Posted By: LonghornsER
Dear Creator, I like to have an option like "Click Thru" so we get not the "Options" while i'm bussy with other things :) Thanks Longhorns, Earthen Ring
File: ItemRack - Cataclysm10-19-10
Beld/Neck Problem
Posted By: LonghornsER
The "Swap Stoped" msg, is properly something about the swapping from beld and neck... somehow he will not swap items in both slots. If i let the "neck" being what it is, then the next item will swapped instead of the beld : Shoulders. So i guess there is a problem on the swapping of the beld's Regards Longhorns, Earthen Ring
File: Elkano's FramesResized10-17-10
Not only the "graps" are massed up,...
Posted By: LonghornsER
Not only the "graps" are massed up, also some Profetions will not showed proper in the Treelists, so you get all ad ones, instead of parted in a nice tree Anny way, i hope you can fixe this for Cata, i like and use this addon a long time already... i can't without it :) Regards Longhorns, Earthen Ring
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-16-10
error Spells/buffs selection
Posted By: LonghornsER
Hello Satrina, As i said the addon works fine sofare, i have discoverd a buggy: http://s4.postimage.org/yR6RA-46596d99.jpg` Same for the Filters tab Regards
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-16-10
Originally posted by Eronian23 Bl...
Posted By: LonghornsER
Originally posted by Eronian23 Blizzard changed some code so that any addon cannot (atm) allow you to unclick a buff. It is not an error on the addon's end its a proverbial middle finger from Blizzard, at least until the add-on authors can find a work around for this (if there is one). Oke, then i know :) i hope you will find t...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-14-10
Dear Satrina, I have noticed a...
Posted By: LonghornsER
Dear Satrina, I have noticed a Bug/Error when i try to "right click" an icon to "unbuff" or "unmount" my self. This is the error i get: Date: 2010-10-15 07:34:09 Error occured in: AddOn: SatrinaBuffFrame Message: Error: AddOn SatrinaBuffFrame attempted to call a forbidden function (CancelUnitBuff()) from a tainted execution...
File: EveryQuest10-14-10
WoW 4.0.1
Posted By: LonghornsER
After update to 4.0.1 i get the following errors : Date: 2010-10-14 08:46:37 Error occured in: Global Message: line 1: attempt to index global 'this' (a nil value) Debug: : ? :1: :1 AddOns: EveryQuest, v2.3r161-release And error msg's: Date: 2010-10-14 08:46:38 Error occured in: Global Message:...
File: LightHeaded07-07-10
Error Message !?
Posted By: LonghornsER
Sinds a vew day's i get this error, i do not know of it's up to this addon or the QuestGuru addon, but my request is, can you check this maybe ? If it's QuestGuru, please PM me, i will send this msg trou to them then :) Date: 2010-07-07 19:11:51 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\LightHeaded\LightHeade...