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File: TellMeWhen05-14-15
Happening because you disabled Bliz...
Posted By: Cybeloras
Happening because you disabled Blizzard_CompactRaidFrames (or it otherwise isn't loading for some reason). Fixed in v7.3.1. Since updating to the latest version I get this error on entering world: I have disabled all other addons to make sure it wasn't a conflict. Not sure how to clear this up.
File: TellMeWhen05-13-15
Re: Awesome addon but...
Posted By: Cybeloras
Can you please update WoWI to match Curses' up-to-date version for those of us that use Minion? :banana: Thanks Done. Sorry about that!
File: TellMeWhen02-16-15
Re: Aproximately 0.92 procs per minute
Posted By: Cybeloras
so, i'm trying to use internal cooldown but i don't know the exact time that i should put on my ring and trinket(i know that the procs is clearly random) but i wanna keep on track if that proc arleady poped or not, do you have any idea what time should i put into that? You can't. RPPM is just that - random. It could proc twice in...
File: TellMeWhen02-05-15
Hi I am trying to set up two simple...
Posted By: Cybeloras
Hi I am trying to set up two simple frost DK icons: Frost strike: 100 opacity when 90%+ runic power and I have no rime buff active...otherwise 50% opacity at all times (regardless of if I can cast frost strike or not) Howling Blast: 100 opacity when rime buff active...otherwise 50% opacity at all times (regardless of if I can cas...
File: TellMeWhen01-29-15
Re: All Unit Debuff
Posted By: Cybeloras
anybody know how to highlight the current targets debuff? because i track the all unit debuff, but i wanna know what time is it on my current target, i tried to use on conditions and some other things, but it won't work, anybody got any idea? i'm a warrior tracking Rend debuff. Use a dedicated icon if you want to track your target...
File: TellMeWhen01-22-15
Re: Wild strike proc?
Posted By: Cybeloras
Is there a way to show when wild strike procs for fury warriors? Like is there a UI flash to show when I can use my two free ones like with say FOF for mages? I looked through the comments but I must be blind, or there wasn't one. Do you gain a buff when this happens? If so, just track that buff.
File: TellMeWhen01-11-15
thanks a lot, works fine :) one...
Posted By: Cybeloras
thanks a lot, works fine :) one more question : is it possible to change the color of this numbers ? Use DogTag's color tags, like .
File: TellMeWhen01-06-15
hi, is it possible to show only a s...
Posted By: Cybeloras
hi, is it possible to show only a stack number in place of an icon ? Set the custom texture to "none", set the text layout to Center Number, and add the tag as the text for that text display.
File: TellMeWhen12-09-14
Re: Bloodtalons
Posted By: Cybeloras
Cant make tmw show me amount of stacks on bloodtalons, is this a bug? Please post the export string of the icon(s) that you are having trouble with. To get an export string, open the icon editor, and click the button labeled "Import/Export/Restore". Select the "To string" ... "Icon: #" option, and then press CTRL+C to copy it to y...
File: TellMeWhen11-25-14
Re: TellMeWhen Icon for Black Ox Statue
Posted By: Cybeloras
I'm trying to make an icon to display the health value of my Black Ox Statue (currently using the "Totem" icon). The problem I run into is that the icon returns my character's health value if I just use the tag, but I can't figure out how to make it check the statue instead. Would appreciate any guidance on this. Unless you set...
File: TellMeWhen11-23-14
I've been trying to find option for...
Posted By: Cybeloras
I've been trying to find option for hiding the background of bars/making it transparent but I haven't been able to find it after few hours of browsing through the settings and trying to google. Maybe I am blind, maybe there is no option for it but in any case please help. So to clarify I don't...
File: TellMeWhen11-04-14
Re: Mage Mana
Posted By: Cybeloras
Is it possible to have Tell me when either track mana % or pop up when mana hits 93%? I tried to search for this answer on the forums but apperently everyone is way more advanced than my mage :) Among Add a condition to an icon that checks when your mana is greater than 93%.
File: TellMeWhen10-29-14
Re: Multiple cooldowns
Posted By: Cybeloras
First off thanks for all the work you have done on this AddOn, it is one of the best. I would like to track Shadow infusion stack up to 5 on my Unholy Death Knight, then show Dark Transformation when it becomes available on my pet and a timer till it wears off on the same block. Is that possable? Thanks again. Sure. Crea...
File: TellMeWhen09-29-14
Re: Stacks - Timer from diffrent Buffs/Spell
Posted By: Cybeloras
Hi there , my question is: is it possible to show a CD from one spell ( and display the stack of another buff( at the same time at a single icon? Thanks /Danke :) Yes. Create a cooldown icon and a buff/debuff icon for the two abilities, and then on the...
File: TellMeWhen08-16-14
Is it possible for TMW to show GCD...
Posted By: Cybeloras
Is it possible for TMW to show GCD attached to mouse if so tell me how to do it PLEASE! Sure. Create a cooldown icon, set it to a spell that is only on the GCD, enable the timer, enable the Allow Global Cooldown setting for the timer, and anchor it to your cursor.
File: TellMeWhen07-11-14
I was looking at turning off all un...
Posted By: Cybeloras
I was looking at turning off all unnecessary addons including addon options that are on the list separately, using AddonControlPanel. I noticed that TellMeWhen_Options wasn't load on demand and that it switched on always even if I disabled it from the addon screen. I only then noticed that Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen_Options only has...
File: TellMeWhen06-19-14
Any chance of creating an icon for...
Posted By: Cybeloras
Any chance of creating an icon for my rip with duration who changes to ferocious bite with rip duration on 25% and below health of target? And is it possible to show how strong my debuffs are? Like affdots for example. Thanks See my response to your comment on Curse.
File: TellMeWhen01-28-14
Re: Rune or power help please
Posted By: Cybeloras
Hi this addon is great but I am trying to configure it to track the time left on rune of power for mages? I can set it up to show when I am stood in my rune of power but not how long it has left is there any chance some one can help me please? :) Thanks Use the Rune of Power icon type.
File: TellMeWhen12-12-13
Love this addon.. just started a ro...
Posted By: Cybeloras
Love this addon.. just started a rogue. Can Tell Me When track combo points? thanks How are you wanting to track them? You can check them in a condition or display them with a DogTag:
File: TellMeWhen11-17-13
Re: Re: Re: a single alert when cooldown(s) are up
Posted By: Cybeloras
The previous group was removed so I went and created a new group, and this time it worked! Must have been an error on my part earlier. I do have one problem though, my meta icon is configured to watch spells 115098, 115072, 122470, 115288, it pops up fine when each of those spells come off cooldown, but it only displays the icon of...
File: TellMeWhen11-15-13
Re: a single alert when cooldown(s) are up
Posted By: Cybeloras
Hi there, I'm trying to have one icon/text as a place holder for whenever any one of a group of spells come off cooldown. The place holder should display the icon/text of the spell for x amount of seconds, then disappear. I messed around with meta icons and stuff but for the life of me can't figure out how to do it.. Doing...
File: TellMeWhen11-11-13
Re: Re: Re: TMW + Beautycase
Posted By: Cybeloras
i also tried to modify the border with beauty case. but i'm not sure where i have to include these lines :( Create a new Lua snippet in TMW's main options and put it there.
File: TellMeWhen10-20-13
Re: TMW + Beautycase
Posted By: Cybeloras
Hi! I'm setting up my new ui and was wondering how do I use Beautycase with TMW? I was trying out LUA Snipplets but it just doesnt make sense that I'd have to write CreateBorder for every button separately, like zis: CreateBorder(TellMeWhen_Group1_Icon1, 12, 1, 1, 1, .5) CreateBorder(TellMeWhen_Group1_Icon2, 12, 1, 1, 1, .5) et...
File: TellMeWhen09-24-13
Re: Trying to set up TMW to show Paralysis
Posted By: Cybeloras
Hey guys im trying to set up TMW to show an icon when someone is Paralyzed due to "Paralysis" Paralitic poison proc. can anybody help? That is a very simple configuration, so I'm not sure where you might be getting stuck. In order for me to be able to assist you, please post the export string of the icon that you are having troubl...
File: TellMeWhen09-21-13
Re: re: Using Bars for tracking health
Posted By: Cybeloras
Ahh thx Cybeloras. I do have a workaround which is to create a group of Icons which will track the health percentages, e.g. 5 Icons which individually track say 100%, 80%, 60% etc.... They can hide or go invisible if the Health is below that Health Percentage setting and of course flash if they are getting to critical levels. I...