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File: MoveAnything03-16-10
Re: Re: move buffs
Posted By: TankTog
I would REALLY love if you did this as apart from this problem which is a big deal for alot of ppl (as in re-placing your debuff buttons AND resizing them "atm you cant resize them.. or well you can but only 1 at a time and if you resize the second debuff button and 3rd and 4th and so on.. at logout and login they will tend to find t...
File: MoveAnything12-21-09
Re: Re: mouseover
Posted By: TankTog
/move ConsolidatedBuffs unfortunately that only moves both buffs and debuffs and the new consolidation box ...haven't figured out how to do debuffs only just yet. aye ok i would be very greatful if this could be fixed ime sure it isnt easy at all this dam patch has caused alot of addon problems to say the least! i have tried...
File: MoveAnything12-20-09
I cant move the debuff frame
Posted By: TankTog
hello i cant move the debuff frame at all it is stuck on my top right corner i dont know how to fix this, i have tried everything and it is really frustrating, please fix it when you can ty. I hate patches!:mad: