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File: Worgen Sniff Mute12-25-10
Saved my sanity.
Posted By: dorn
Most important mod ever.
File: Eon12-25-10
What does lock/unlock even do? I f...
Posted By: dorn
What does lock/unlock even do? I figured it would make the bars draggable but it doesn't seem to when I do it.
File: Magic Runes12-18-10
I'd also like just 3 "bars".
Posted By: dorn
Wanted to chime in that with the new rune system it'd really be great to have a setup where it's just three bars with a middle divider on each bar.
File: QuestHelperLite11-29-10
I've been using it a bit more for l...
Posted By: dorn
I've been using it a bit more for leveling a higher level alt and I've run into some annoyances. 1) Sometimes the arrow seems to want to stick to quests that are much further away than closer ones. Even if I stopped tracking that quest it would keep pointing the arrow at it. 2) It seems to be messing with the zone map icons....
File: Altoholic11-27-10
First off love the addon as always!...
Posted By: dorn
First off love the addon as always! Don't know how I played WoW w/o it. I'm having some odd problems. I can't get the trade skill info to save. I've opened the windows and left them unfiltered etc. I just reinstalled too so the setup is very fresh with almost no addons running yet. The very few I have are like bartender/pr...
File: QuestHelperLite11-25-10
Just tried this out to replace the...
Posted By: dorn
Just tried this out to replace the old QuestRouterLite and I love it. I think though that it's auto accepting quests? I don't really want it to do that. If it could be made an option that'd be great.
File: ForteXorcist07-02-10
Hot streak procing on secondary splash.
Posted By: dorn
Hi I'm using this on my mage and I like it a lot so far. My only real question is whether there is a way to make hotstreak procs show up on the secondary splash? I tried adding them to the filter but that only makes it pop up when you use the proc.
File: KeyProfiler204-23-10
First off great addon! I seem to b...
Posted By: dorn
First off great addon! I seem to be having a small problem with it though. On things which have two keybindings it seems to only save the first one. This becomes especially obvious when I have "force bindings" on and it wipes out all my secondary keybindings. Although for some reason it leaves WASD as the movement keys despite t...
File: Goose04-06-10
Love the mod.
Posted By: dorn
I am LOVING this mod. I have one problem with it though :/. For some reason when I try to enter options for more than one frame it erases old entries. Basically I can only keep an entry for one frame total.
File: IceHUD03-31-10
Great addon.
Posted By: dorn
I'd always wanted a hud but all the ones I tried sucked frankly. After trying this one out though I'm hooked. It's very clean and configurable. I have one bug to report. For some reason the pvp icon for the target bar is way out in BFE on my screen (nowhere near the bars). Is there any way to configure the icons (rest,pvp,et...
File: oUF: MovableFrames03-18-10
Sorry I did mean /omf ui. That was...
Posted By: dorn
Sorry I did mean /omf ui. That was just a typo. My problem remains the same. The command is definitely working because it opens the interface tab and goes to the omf config. It's just empty when I open the ui. I will try posting a screen. http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/6508/wowscrnshot031810135945.jpg
File: oUF: MovableFrames03-18-10
UI won't show here either.
Posted By: dorn
I'm also having a problem showing the UI. Specifically if I type /ouf ui it will open the options interface/addons tab and there will be a spot for oUF: Movable frames. It says "Note that the initial frame" blah blah. The arrow keys are there as well but the spot that should show the list of the actual frames is empty. I've...
File: TourGuide12-28-09
I can no longer reach tourguide at...
Posted By: dorn
I can no longer reach tourguide at github. Every time I try to reach it I'm prompted to log in.
File: Power Auras Classic12-23-09
Possible bug.
Posted By: dorn
Ok I've setup several aura's to warn me of buffs missing in combat. One of them includes the spell righteous fury. Yet whenever I turn on the righteous fury aura the whole "in combat" thing breaks. All my aura's which are set to in-combat suddenly turn on. I can't for the life of me fathom what would cause this.
File: TomTom12-20-09
QuestTracker Ideas
Posted By: dorn
First off LOVE THE ADDON. I was using Carbonite before the new Blizz quest interface and I hated it. Talk about feature bloat. It's nice to see a mod that stays on target (no pun intended) without throwing out weird stuff at you. I suppose it's somewhat ironic though that I have a small feature suggestion. The new ability to...